The internet is siding with a mom whose child's teacher wants to ban the supposedly "disgusting and inappropriate" lunches she packs for her son.

The mom explained her situation on Reddit, revealing that her child's preschool teacher wants to ban him from eating kimchi at school because it's allegedly "very distracting for the other students and [has] an unpleasant odor."

"I felt absolutely appalled when she said this, as me and the teacher have, up until now, always maintained a very friendly relationship," the mom wrote in her post, explaining that her family is Korean and she is simply packing her 5-year-old's lunch according to his preferences.

The mom shared that her child's typical lunch includes celery sticks with blue cheese, kimchi, spam and spicy Doritos with Sriracha.

"I ended the call by saying that I very much appreciated her worries, but that at the end of the day, I am not going to drastically change my son's lunches all of a sudden," the mom wrote, adding, "It's not my fault if other students are 'distracted' by his meal."

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"It is very important to me what my son enjoys, and I want him to like my lunches," she continued.

"The teacher sent an email to me an hour ago saying that my response was 'unacceptable' and that his lunches are 'just too inappropriate to be sent to school any longer.' I haven't responded yet and don't want to. I want to maintain a healthy relationship with my son's teachers. I am confused as to what to do," the frustrated mom added.

In the comments section, Reddit users supported the mom's lunch choices and encouraged her to talk to the principal.

"Report her to the principal. Her comments regarding your son's food are 'disgusting' and 'have an unpleasant tone,' aka cough cough racist tone. She's too inappropriate to be teaching at the school any longer," one user commented.

"Agree, and you should ask the principal if you need to escalate the issue to the school board or if she'll deal with the teacher herself. You deserve an answer," another wrote.

"Teachers are allowed to think the food is gross. That's her personal opinion. But in 2023, she had ought to keep her stupid opinions to herself," someone else shared.

"A preschool teacher with this much anger needs to be reigned in. I don't trust her to treat your son fairly or kindly after her outburst," another commented.

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