A quick-thinking woman recently saved her daughter from a vicious wild raccoon attack — and it was all caught on camera.

The terrifying encounter took place on the morning of Dec. 2, when 5-year-old Rylee MacNamara stepped out onto her porch to wait for her school bus.

Out of nowhere, a massive raccoon darted toward the girl and latched onto her leg, seemingly biting and attacking her.

Video footage captured by the family's outdoor security camera shows the girl screaming to her mom for help as she kicks her leg to try to release the raccoon.

Moments later, the girl's mother, Logan Kelsey MacNamara, rushes outside. In an utterly heroic "mom move," she reaches down and grabs the raccoon by the scruff of its neck, releasing it from her daughter before telling the child to go back inside.

As seen in the footage, MacNamara holds the animal away from her body and warns her neighbors, who have come outside to check on the commotion, that "it's a rabid raccoon." Once her neighbors are back inside safely, MacNamara tosses the raccoon into her front yard and rushes back into her house.

Watch it all go down, below:

"I heard her screaming and ran to see what was going on. I thought maybe she slammed her hand in the door. I was not expecting to see a raccoon attacking her," MacNamara told Storyful about the video, which has gone viral.

"If I didn't have the video, I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly what happened. It all happened so fast," she added.

As of publishing, MacNamara's Facebook video has been viewed over 104,000 times, though it's also been shared on Twitter, TikTok and other social media sites.

In the comments section on Facebook, many have applauded the "superstar" mom's parental instincts.

"Hope you girls are both OK. This scared my mama heart! On a side note ... that arm! Mama strength is no joke!" one viewer commented.

"Logan, you are a frickin' BOSS! Omg!!!" someone else shared.

"DAMN GIRL! You're the s--t! I hope you both are OK!" another wrote.

"Mom of the year right there," someone else weighed in.

MacNamara told Storyful that her daughter has a puncture wound and they both have scratches from the animal. Both mom and daughter are doing OK and will be receiving their rabies vaccines in the coming weeks.

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