Lana Del Rey is allegedly engaged.

According to a report from Billboard, the "Video Games" songstress is engaged to Evan Winiker.

The news came as a shock to many considering the couple has successfully kept their relationship under wraps, and they have only been spotted in public together a few times over the past several months.

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So, while much remains a mystery about the couple's relationship, here is everything we know about Lana Del Rey's fiancé Evan Winiker.

Who Is Lana Del Rey's New Fiancé?

Evan Winiker joined Range Media in 2021 as an artist-manager and worked with esteemed clients such as: MAX, Daya, Disco Biscuits, Skyler Stonestreet and Walk off the Earth, according to Harper's Bazaar. 

"As a manager, it's always my goal to surround my clients with the best teams in all areas. This eco system is truly that," he told Variety in 2021.

"It's an environment of forward thinking people who look beyond the boundaries and walls that are categorically put in place, allowing them to open new doors and reach new peaks that we dream up," Winiker continued.

However, Winiker is no stranger to making music as well, because he previously played in the band Steel Train. The group has toured with some of the biggest indie artists such as: Tegan and Sara and Ben Folds.

One of the more interesting facts about Steel Train is that Jack Antonoff was also a member of the band. Antonoff is known for his work on many of Taylor Swift's albums, but also his work with Lana Del Rey. Most recently, he worked with Lana on her Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. album.

Lana Del Rey has not released a statement about the engagement at the time of reporting.

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