Lady Gaga fans are torn over the pop star's new promotion of migraine medication Nurtec ODT.

On Tuesday (June 13), Gaga posted a social media ad for prescription Pfizer drug Nurtec ODT, which treats migraine pain.

"Ever since childhood, I’ve dealt with migraine pain. When I tried Nurtec ODT (rimegepant) 75 mg for the first time, I’ll never forget wishing I had found it sooner. That’s why I’m proud to partner with Nurtec ODT. We’re in this together. If you’re ready to speak to a doctor, ask about Nurtec ODT today," the "Born This Way" singer wrote on Instagram alongside the campaign.

In her Instagram comments, some fans criticized her promotion of the medication.

"It’s so wild being a fan since I first saw you at The Fame Ball back in 2009 and seeing what you’ve become in 2023. I still love your music, but your energy lately is so cold," one fan wrote.

The same fan accused Gaga of prioritizing "money, power, and success over disenfranchised communities" by pointing out she has remained silent regarding recent attacks on the trans community.

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Others accused the pop icon of working with "Big Pharma" and "selling out."

"This isn’t it. How disappointing that you can’t speak on the anti-LGBT laws or anything about Pride Month and then partner up with Big Pharma. Talk about never selling your soul, but here you are lmao," one person commented.

"Two weeks into Pride, and you’ve shared nothing but ads. So incredibly disappointing and hurtful. Trans people are being legislated out of existence across the country, and you’re busy shilling for Big Pharma. We live in hell," another fan weighed in.

Meanwhile, other fans took a lighter approach by reacting to the campaign with funny memes and reaction videos on Twitter.

Gaga shared more of her story on the Nurtec website, where she opened up about how she has been dealing with migraine headaches since she was 14.

"I was diagnosed with migraine when I was 14. My experience with migraine was debilitating. I would miss school and be in bed for days with tremendous pain in my head, behind my eyes, and all throughout my face," Gaga explained on the website.

"I couldn’t read or have any lights on, and I needed to be alone in a quiet room for hours that could lead to days until the pain subsided. I was always frustrated getting them because I didn’t want to get behind in school or miss rehearsals for after-school musicals," she continued, claiming Nurtec has helped her to manage her pain.

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