Summer is looking a lot sweeter, now that 'IT'SUGAR' is opening a new location on Wildwood's Boardwalk.

Sweet! The popular candy store (which I just learned first opened in Atlantic City) is bringing it's candies to Wildwood.

Wildwood 365 reports the candy store will be open by Memorial Day Weekend, but still no news as to where. The store's opening is perfect for anyone seeking a summer job, and a good tourist stop for the already popular boardwalk.

Or just good for anyone who freakin' loves candy!

Whenever I think of this candy store, I just think of their candied scorpions and crickets. While I was never brave enough to try THAT, I was always excited to mix a bag of M&Ms, Reeses, and Sour Patch. My grandmother on the other hand was just excited to see the candy she grew up with.

Safe to say, IT'SUGAR holds a special place in my heart from all my summers in AC.

What's your favorite novelty candy or one-of-a-kind sweets from IT'SUGAR? Let me know!

And keep your eyes open for the new location come summertime!!!

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