The new vaping law that Governor Murphy signed today is certainly one of the most restrictive in the country, and ironically will be effective on 4/20 (LOL). The law, senate bill S3265, prohibits the sale and distribution of flavored vape products, including menthol. (Originally, menthol was to be excluded, but they threw that one in there for good measure to not seem racist, since menthol flavoring is generally associated with the African-American community—you still with me? It’s all so confusing)

The law, which Murphy signed Tuesday, is one of the biggest infringements on our rights as consumers New Jersey has ever seen. It leaves a scientifically proven dangerous product (cigarettes), alone, but yet selects vaping, (yet to be proven dangerous by any real science) to be restricted. Huh?

This law makes it illegal to sell flavored vapes, the assumption being that the flavors are marketed towards teenagers. Nothing can be further from the truth. It’s obvious that Murphy, as well as the genius who came up with this feel-good law has never vaped. Anyone who has knows that just as many adults as teenagers like “flavors.”

Now I know you’ll say “oh but what about those kids who died from the bootleg vapes?” Well the operative word here is just that: bootleg!. Now, if kids want flavors it’s just going to expand the black market which is much more difficult to regulate and therefore, ironically, leaves kids much more unsafe. Ironic, huh?

Also, flavors? I like flavors. Why would anyone think only kids are attracted to flavors? In his defense, and believe me it’s difficult to find something to defend, there IS a law that the Governor mercifully did not sign. It’s the brainchild of Mr. Do-Good himself, senator Joe Vitale. Bill s4223/4224 would have done all of the below.

  1. Strengthen regulations of vape shops
  2. Cap the nicotine content in vaping liquids
  3. Prohibit the sale of all tobacco products, including vape products, in pharmacies and retail facilities with on-site pharmacies.
  4. Establish a tracking system for vaping products, and increase the penalties for retailers caught selling tobacco and vaping products to anyone under age 21.


Of course Vitale is very disappointed. He’s another guy who would move into your house and tell you the safest way to brush your teeth if he could. Either way, with the passage of these new draconian vaping laws, it may be time to put an addition onto your guest room, get a few extra pillows, and set a few more seats at the dining room table. Because at this rate, it won’t be long before the Legislature will be moving in.

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