For generations, a big swath of South Jersey has been covered by the 609 area code.

"We rockin' the 609, baby!"

Then - WHAM! In 2018 we were told that the ol' 609 was going to have to share - share with a brand new area code for the region.

The 609 was going to be blended with a new area code, 640.

That was four years ago.

Now, we're living in harmony - two area codes co-existing in one region.

But, wait!

Does anyone actually have the 640 area code?

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Honestly, we talk to people every day on the phone, and I've NEVER had anyone give me a 640 number. I've NEVER seen a 640 number pop up on caller ID on our phones - at work and at home. Not even telemarketers are using the 640.

So is the 640 area code a thing - or is it a myth like the Jersey Devil, or Bigfoot, or mountain lions in Galloway?

How about you? Do you have a 640 number? Know anyone who does? People, businesses?

What's happening here? Are we still 100% repping the 609? (By the way, a big shout out to the 732 and 856 ers......)

640? We hardly knew you!

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