A popular online used car dealer, is now officially operating South Jersey. But, does that mean we're getting one of those cool car vending machines?

Carvana is known for having thousands of pre-owned vehicles for purchase online, with the ability for car buyers to receive their new vehicle as soon as the next day. If they aren’t happy, there’s a seven day period they can test out the car before returning it.


In some markets, like Philadelphia, potential buyers can also opt to pick up their new wheels at one of Carvana’s giant car vending machines.

Now that Carvana's officially in business in Atlantic City, is the vending machine coming out way, too? Carvana’s Associate Director of Communications Amy O’Hara wouldn't say much more than, “There will be future vending machine sites, but you’ll just have to wait and see what those are.”, NJ.com reports.

That's okay, Ms. O'Hara. What we're really hoping for is a vending machine that drops out bottles of champagne or chocolate chip cookies or those little crunchy noodles you get at Chinese restaurants.


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