It's the age-old question: Can you stay friends with an ex?

Should you? Could you? Have you? Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this, as they should. Each person goes through different life experiences so it's only natural for there to be different answers.

From personal experience, I can soundly say that the answer is yes. Like I said, this is how I feel. Although we don't talk often, we are still on good terms. So it's doable. Maybe that's why I'm also single? I just wan to to be friends with everyone? I don't know, I'm overthinking it, and this is not therapy. That's on Thursday.

South Jersey, you seem to be a little more 50/50 on this matter.

I'm actually surprised that there are people out there who can co-parent civilly. What's your secret, Laura???

Uh-oh, Blaise!

Do tell, Lucas. Do tell...

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