OK kids---Is it really okay to re-gift?  The economy is still tough and the bills are getting higher.  Uncle John gave you that wallet that you really could have done without, but little Johnny "might" want it.   Hmmm.  Maybe you're the person who raids their storage closet, rather then go shopping on Black Friday.   I have personally re-gifted before (shhh...don't tell anybody).  I felt great wrapping up a gift to somebody who may need it, and so did my wallet.

But it was Christmas morning when reality hit me.  This overwhelming feeling of guilt as my friend opened his gift, a gift that was originally given to me at one point.  While my friend appreciated the gift--I still felt that I should have gone out and actually payed for a gift.

What are your thoughts?  Is it cool to 're-gift'?  Let the debate begin!