Internet gambling's success over the last year proves itself to be a great help in saving Atlantic City casinos, according to this latest report.

If you've visited to read their 11 reasons to feel optimistic about Atlantic City, then you'll get even more excited with this news from AP. 

AP reports, internet gambling just had its best month yet! In March, it won $221.8 million - an 9.3% increase compared to March 2016. Within the year alone, internet gambling has experiences a FORTY PERCENT increase! That's amazing!

Internet gambling was introduced to Atlantic City casinos in November 2013 as a way to help revenue. Seeing there's already been a 32% increase in 2017 alone, it looks like it's already on it's way to beat last year's success.

Just another reason to feel good about all the developments happening in Atlantic City! I'm just waiting for Memorial Day Weekend so I can visit Showboat's AC Fan Expo!

Read the full article from Associated Press to read internet gambling's positive effect in Atlantic City casinos.

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