You may/may not have met 'Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker'.  Like Charles Ramsey, Kai is another hero turned internet sensation.  Actually, make that from internet sensation to criminal.

Kai's real name is Caleb Lawrence McGillvary.  He got his nickname because 'he used a hatchet to subdue a man who ran over a California utility worker.' (NBC 10)


Like Charles Ramsey in Cleveland, TV reporters and cameras interviewed him after he saved the day, and Kai delivered an interview that was so off the wall, it received millions of hits on Youtube.


According to courierpostonline, he was spotted in Cherry Hill with friends just two days ago.  They gave him some money and dropped him off at a Greyhound bus station in Philadelphia, and then later called the cops.


Apparently our latest 'internet sensation' murdered 73-year-old Joseph Galfy Jr. of Clark, NJ.  It is believed Galfy died from blunt force trauma.  It is believed that Kai  relied on strangers for food, lodging and transportation.  Joseph Galfy was no different, but according to Kai's Facebook page, Galfy drugged and took advantage of him.


In case you haven't seen the video that made Kai famous.....

(Warning:  Foul Language NSFW)


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