I took the day off this past Monday, July 22nd, to spend the day in New York City with my mom.

We saw that the forecast was calling for thunderstorms, so we brought umbrellas just in case.

What we didn't know, though, was that while we managed to dodge the raindrops in NYC, the train that we caught home was heading right into the heart of it.

There weren't many corners of New Jersey that dodged the storms that downed trees, flooded roads, and left thousands without power on Monday.

While I enjoy watching an impressive thunderstorm from a safe, dry spot, being literally in the middle of one is a different story.

While the New Jersey Transit train was hurtling through the busiest parts of central Jersey, sheets and sheets of pounding rain poured down the windows like it was driving directly through a waterfall.

The whole vehicle shook from the reverberating thunder that slashed right through the normal noise of the train like a hot knife through butter.

But the most awe-inspiring part was the frequency of the lightning.

I don't mean just a few strobe light flashes, I mean multiple actual bolts of lightning splitting through the blackened late afternoon sky.

Thankfully, everyone made it to their stops safely, but there were a few times that the 50 minute ride felt like it could have ended up being a real life version of the old Disaster! ride from Universal Studios.


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