I'll admit it. I watch Bigfoot-related TV shows that follow the search for Bigfoot.

Even though I know they haven't found 100% evidence that Bigfoot exists, I keep watching these shows from beginning to end.

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Call me a romantic of sorts, but I kind of hope there are large creatures roaming the woods and forests of this country that for the most part go entirely unnoticed.

I even hoped that one or some of the Bigfoots lived in Millville's Menatico Ponds area. Heck, I even went and looked for them myself.

Now, though, it's time to call Bulls***, at least on the local man who keeps posting a video of supposed encounters.

The man, who posts on YouTube under the handle "Man of Light" recently posted another video reportedly showing his "Bigfoot friend named Kevin" posing for his trail camera. I've looked at the video, even zeroed in on the part of the picture where Man of Light directs me, and I see -- nothing. NOTHING. NO BIGFOOT! Check it out:

Do you see anything?

I see nothing. No figure, No Bigfoot. Nothing. I only see a wooded area.

Is Man of Light pulling a fast one, or does he genuinely see something that all the rest of us are missing?

Honestly, Man of Light has posted dozens of videos reportedly showing Bigfoot or "evidence" of Bigfoot. Throughout all of these, I see nothing.

I call Bulls***.

Man of Light, there is no Bigfoot in Menantico Ponds. End of story.

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