If you've got a pounding headache, stomach-turning nausea, and the 'feel like I've been hit by a bus' sensation following a night of drinking: you're hungover.   But new research shows the cure may be as close as your nearest convenience store.






Sure you could reach for ibuprofen or just spend the whole day in bed.  However, a group of Chinese researchers say that chugging the soft drink Sprite could be your best bet, Huffington Post reports.

After examining 57 beverages in a lab, researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China determined that Sprite was one of the drinks that best relieved hangover symptoms.

The team of scientists found that drinking Sprite could more quickly metabolize alcohol in the bloodstream, alleviating hangover symptoms.

The Chinese researchers examined the affects of Sprite on the enzymes ethanol and acetaldehyde.

The key to reducing alcohol-related damage lies in minimizing the amount of time acetaldehyde is present in the body.

Drinks like coffee and herbal teas were found to worsen hangover symptoms.  But Sprite was found to have the opposite effect thus speeding up the breakdown of acetaldehyde.

So guzzle up, if you can keep it down.

**Always drink responsibly.

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