Holiday shopping at your favorite superstore can be exciting...until you're ready to check out and come face to face with a line that literally wraps around the store.

Don't worry, we came up with a few super secret spots where you can check out.

Now do keep in mind, we do suggest only using these places if you have at least 15 items or less to avoid stressing out the employee (they do have to assist customers in their department, you know!?)

Note: Your local superstore may or may not have these departments in their store.

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    Electronics Department

    The first common checkout spot that comes to mind, and most likely the easiest one to find.

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    Jewelry Department

    This is one where many people do not even think of. Yes, it is true - I've successfully cashed out at the jewelry section before.

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    Sports / Hunting Department

    Another tricky one, most of the time personally for me there is no one working at this desk - unless high volume.

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    Garden Department

    Another go-to spot if Electronics fails you, sometimes you could get backed up here with people buying Christmas trees. A gamble worth walking for!

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    Automotive Department

    You can cash out here even if you are not buying anything automotive related. Now that you are reading this, they probably will make it just for automotive items!

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    Pharmacy Department

    Depending on the store, you can bring your items here. Maybe a good idea to pickup your medication while your at it?