Some of us love creepy places, but most of us are just, well, creeped out by them. So how close do we live to New Jersey's creepiest place?

Well, in order to know that, you'd obviously need to know what the creepiest place in New Jersey is, and the jury is still out on that. So, let's take a look at how a few publications answer the question. says the Garden State's creepiest place is The Devil's Tree which is located in a field in Bernards Township in Somerset County, and lots of area residents think it's cursed. once listed some pretty creepy places in New Jersey to visit around Halloween, and yes, The Devil's Tree was on it, but so was The Stephen Crane House in Asbury Park, and the Pine Barrens. listed The Devil's Tree at #4 and the Pine Barrens at #6. their scariest spot was listed as a pretty frightening stretch of Clinton Road in West Milford. has listed several local spots as among the scariest, including the Pine Barrens, which tops the list, The Spy House in Port Monmouth at #3, and Allaire Village at #10. A little further from home, they list the Devil's Tree at  #5.

So, we're  not going to crown the creepiest spot in New Jersey here, but we think we've given you enough information to decide for yourself, and then you can calculate just how close you are to the ultimate creepiness.


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