Thanks to modern technology, a Vineland family was saved when a fire started in their garage.

According to The Daily Journal, the smoke detectors in Anthony Rios’s home didn’t go off during the fire, but the doorbell did. The Rios’s have one of those smart doorbells that connect to the internet and show video, and that’s what saved him and his wife.

The Vineland Fire Department believes that the smoke from the fire triggered the doorbell’s motion detector and that in turn sent an alert to the homeowner’s phone. Rios got up to check his phone and saw smoke. The fire had started in the garage sending smoke past the side door where the doorbell was located. By this time, smoke had filled the house but Rios and his wife made it through and got outside. The Vineland Fire Department arrived to control the fire, but the garage was totally destroyed as well as the cars inside.

The two cars inside the garage as well as one outside “were reduced to bare metal.” Three other cars on the property were also damaged. The house suffered fire damage on the side of the house and smoke damage inside. Unfortunately, even after playing the hero, the doorbell didn’t survive. Better than losing your life though.


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