While some are superstitious about black cats bringing bad luck, one family considers theirs quite the opposite after it saved them from a fire.

Early Sunday morning, Scott White awoke to his kitty Joey purring and pacing his Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, Canada bedroom in an way that seemed more urgent than unusual.

The night before, the family had cranked up their slow cooker and gone to bed, according to the Canadian Broadcast Company.

But Joey's persistence to wake his owners worked after Scott went to the kitchen and found it full of smoke and the slow cooker extremely overheated and on the verge of becoming ablaze. He was able to extinguish the flames before a bigger disaster ensued.

As for the White's other pet, a 2-month old puppy? It slept through the whole incident, so Joey really did save the day!

By the way, Joey is a rescue cat The White Family adopted from a group in Toronto, Canada just a few year ago. He had been saved from a kill shelter. So, Joey rescuing his family from a fire, has agreeable symmetry!


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