Hint:  It's not me!


It's your purse!


Yep, the next time you reach into that big bag of yours, you could be putting yourself in danger of catching a serious - and potentially deadly - disease.


According to new research, E.coli and poisonous bacteria have been found lurking at the bottom of women's handbags, as well as on the average laptop and gym bag.


According to the Daily Mail, 'The study - which took swabs from inside a selection of women's handbags - found evidence of deadly food poisoning-inducing bacteria E.coli and Streptococcus, which can cause pneumonia and bacterial meningitis.'


A shocking result for me was that this 'study'  revealed that 33 percent of women never clean their bags. Twenty percent admitted that they often chew a piece of gum they find lurking loose in their handbag before a date or job interview - and confessed to blowing fluff off the piece to "clean it" before they pop it in their mouths.


So instead of putting gum or fruit in your purse, make sure to keep anti-bacterial wipes handy, and of course, don't forget to wash your hands!


(Hmmmm...........maybe I should think about cleaning that gym bag)


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