Dirty Jersey.

Will you help clean it?

There's a new thing going on across the country, and here in New Jersey, that kind of freaks me out a little.

Strangers are doing strangers laundry.

This definitely is stranger things.

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Think of this as Uber, but for your clothes. Yes, a stranger will come to your home, pick up your laundry bag of dirty socks, shirts, pants, and unmentionables. They will take them to your house, wash them in their washer and dryer, fold them, then return them to you for a tidy sum of cash.

Yes, it's like Uber, except you're not summoning a ride, your summoning some kind of cleaning person.

Did I mention this stranger will be washing - and touching - your underwear?

This latest "craze" is being done through something called SudShare. You sign up, decide your need some laundry done, and, ultimately a car pulls up to your house, takes your laundry, and returns it the next day - or later the same day for a little extra cash.

SIDEBAR: If the person who comes to get your laundry is very creepy looking - and they're driving a suspicious looking van - can you change your mind?

Supposedly, some of the top SudSharers are making about $5,000 a month doing other people's laundry.

Watch this:

So, would you do it? Do you do it already? Let us know, we're curious.

By the way, yes, this could be your new side hustle. Apparently, anyone can jump into the Suds Nation and become a free-lance laundry do-er. Find out more here.

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