It's a match that seems way too obvious not to have been done yet, but soon, Disney and Target will be teaming up to put mini-Disney Stores inside of select Target stores.

The companies are starting the rollout in 25 Target locations across the country in just a few weeks, on October 4th, with 40 more to follow by next year.

If you want to check out the Disney/Target duo for yourself this October, you'll have to travel a little, the closest will be in Philadelphia (4000 Monument Rd, to be exact).

The initial 25 store rollout is pretty spread out, with 16 different states represented (the most will be in Texas, which seems fair considering the fact that it's the largest of the lower 48).

Target hasn't released a list of the next 40 that will bring in the Disney goodies, but we'll keep you updated when they do.


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