New Jersey is an expensive state to live. So much so that New Jerseyans are constantly talking about leaving the state for more affordable locations.

Although it's true the move-out rate in New Jersey isn't low, it's also not as bad as some might think. Yes, despite our complaints, we seem to like it here in the Great Garden State.

Or should we say the great overly-taxed state? The state where we're known for out-of-control property taxes.

Even though many of us think we have it bad, there are places around the country where the moveout rate exceeds what we see here in New Jersey. And no, it's not just California.

In fact, some of these places might be surprising to see on this list. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, people want to leave these locations faster than we want to leave New Jersey (although some of the top locations aren't too far from NJ).

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Moving out of NJ / Taxes

New Jersey not on the national list

Not a single location on the list of where homes are selling the fastest right now is in New Jersey. But how can that be?

Well, even though it's expensive to live here, it's not all about cost. In fact, we balance out that hefty tax burden with a pretty good quality of life.

Not to mention, New Jersey has some of the best schools in the nation. Both are very important factors to consider when looking at why people aren't leaving The Garden State as fast as we think they are.


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Weird things NJ taxes - and some they don't

In general, New Jersey assesses a 6.625% Sales Tax on sales of most tangible personal property, specified digital products, and certain services unless specifically exempt under New Jersey law.
However, the way the sales tax is applied in New Jersey sometimes just doesn't make sense.
New Jersey puts out an itemized list for retailers that spells out what is, and what is not, taxed. 
Perhaps because this is New Jersey, there are some bizarre and seemingly contradictory listings. 

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