Literally the worst.

Some say it's just in our heads and we are making it up, others think it is a real condition and the severity of it varies on the person. I am a firm believer that 'Lazy Mondays' are in fact real, and not spectacular.

We can all agree first off that Monday is the worst day of the week, right? But why? Well, there could be a few reasons that pop up in my head that scream, "Yeah, duh." And after I rattle off some of these you will probably feel the same way too.

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    The Weather

    Rainy, cloudy, cool, Mondays are the worst, right? Bad weather can indeed have a negative effect on your emotions and desire to be productive. You feel angrier and less happy on days with more precipitation and more inclined to just say “Screw it all, I’m going home.”

    The sun is our friend. We need to be in a long-term, serious relationship with it and never chase it away.

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    Weekend Oversleeping

    Waking up with a headache in the morning can be rough. Ever wonder why that happens even when you didn’t drink or do anything for that matter the night before? Simple. You overslept. Think about it, you don’t feel sluggish when you are always on the go throughout the week, but when it comes to the weekend you let up on the gas and ease yourself.  The more you sleep, the more you feel sleepy. Too much sleep on the weekend can bleed  into Monday.

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    Hyperactive Social Life

    We work for 5 days, then we are off for 2. In those couple of days we try to cram our social life into 48 hours and go nuts. That 5:2 ratio clearly is not good for us on Monday, but many times we don't care what happens to us in the future. All we want to do is live in the now and get caught up in the race.

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