Spirit Airlines gets a bad rep, but it's not as bad as you may think! Here's how I survived a flight with Spirit Airlines...twice.

Spirit's slogan is 'less money. more go.' And you'll notice on their airplanes, it also reads 'Home of the Bare Fare.' In my mind, both literally mean "hey, you get what you pay for."

Which is true! If you're looking for a cheap convenient flight, then Spirit is the one for you. I have used it out of Atlantic City International Airport twice and had zero expectations. You should know, that you are able to enhance your flying experience...of course if you pay for it.

So how did I survive? These are the tips I picked up:

  • 1

    Home of the Bare ain't a joke

    Like I said, you get what you pay for. Once you get to that realization, everything runs more smoothly.

  • 2

    Bright Side, Money Gets You Anything

    It runs the world for a reason, amirite? Well, with Spirit you have the option to upgrade like you're playing a game - want something? It'll cost you. Moral of the story: keep money handy, or buy snacks before the flight.

  • 3

    Neck Pillows, Neck Pillows, Neck Pillows!

    My biggest regret is not having a neck pillow! The seats don't recline and it was so uncomfortable trying to sleep upright - especially with a couple making out next to me.

    Second time around, I had a neck pillow handy.

  • 4

    Choose Your Seat

    Personally, I have never had a preference. This has nothing to do with Spirit, BUT if you're already feeling miserable about being on a Spirit flight choosing your seat may help.

    Also, keep in mind...it'll cost ya!

  • 5

    Do Everything Online!

    Spirit gives you plenty of opportunities to make things cheaper, as in printing your boarding pass to avoid a $10 fee, or just paying for your checked bag online. In addition it makes everything go smoother when you get to the airport.

  • 6

    Realize it's a Flight

    Look, if you're looking for a cheap flight to Florida then Spirit is the way to go. Would I use this airline to fly 5 hours to Mexico? Definitely not. But, for what it's worth - it's not half bad.

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