Ok, I know this green drink looks gross.  But trust me, it tastes nothing like the algae you skim from your swimming pool.  This power drink can give your post-Thanksgiving body the flush and recharge it needs!Kale is the super food.  It detoxifies your kidneys and liver, and helps realign your digestive track.  All the parts of you that took a carb beating over the holiday.  Also, kale is so inexpensive, and this drink tastes better and costs less than some of the brand name juices you pay nearly $4 for.  I use my juicer, but a blender or food processor works great for this recipe.  Get over the green!  Close you eyes and taste!  Its actually sweet and delicious!  Try this once a day after any holiday overdose, or when you need an extra pick-me-up!

What you need:  one whole bunch of kale, one medium apple (honeycrisp or pink lady's work best), agave syrup or stevia sweetener

To make:

Juice or blend one bunch of kale.  Core and slice the apple and add to kale a little at a time.  Add 1 tbsp of agave nectar, or 1 packet of Stevia sweetner.  Give one final blend, and enjoy!

Tips:  Pears also work great in place of an apple.  If you're blending you can also add ice cubes to make more a shake.  And a small pinch of minced fresh ginger turns this drink into an immune-booster.



Bottoms up!