This swimsuit is SWEEPING the Internet and it's giving The Mike Show mixed emotions. Have you seen it around South Jersey yet?

If so, PLEASE snap us a pic because this swimsuit isn't for the weak of heart:

There are many things I have inherited from my father, such as his profuse sweating - but his manly hairy chest? Thankfully not, and this is what this one-piece reminds me of!

The swimsuit is from the brand Beloved Shirts, and are selling at only $44.95. If you're seeking to embarrass TF out of your kids, family and friends, by all means buy this swimsuit. You'll definitely get that WTF factor at the beach:

Make 'em say WTF 🌎FREE US shipping 👌🏻Link in bio A post shared by Beloved Shirts (@belovedshirts) on

How many of you think you're brave enough to rock this at the shore this summer??

Source: Beloved Shirts (@belovedshirts)

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