I recently was on vacation in Key West, Florida, and spent some time at the Southernmost Point of the country. I also started to think about special landmarks in our state including where the highest point is located.

Welcome to High Point, New Jersey. According to Wikipedia,  High Point, located in Montague, Sussex County, is the highest elevation in the entire state at 1,803 feet.

A day trip to High Point State Park sounds like a lot of fun. The park is located in the extreme northern part of New Jersey. Check out the huge monument in the style of a classic pillar, which is visible for miles. If hiking is your thing, the Appalachian Trail stretches over 72 miles throughout New Jersey, with the highest point of the trail located at High Point State Park.

If you're thinking about taking a day trip there, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the park does collect fees to drive up to the tower. It will cost you $5 on weekdays and $10 on weekends, per vehicle. Trust me though, the amazing views you will encounter will be well worth it!

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