According to multiple sources, Ronnie has been fired from Jersey Shore Family Vacation. MTV has not officially released a statement, but we are hearing the next season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation has started filming and Ronnie is not apart of the cast.

I remember when Jersey Shore first started filming and people were appalled at Ronnie's behavior even in Season One. He was a loose cannon and was not a stranger to violence. I remember the fist fight he got into when a guy was taunting him on the boardwalk.

Yes, this guy instigating Ronnie would not quit, and maybe Ronnie felt threatened and wanted to protect Sammi too, but Ronnie could not walk away and ended up causing injuries to the guy.

I remember some one my friends that knew the guy who got hit hard by Ronnie and they were furious and wanted to get Ronnie kicked off the show back then. Ronnie was arrested for assault after the incident and caused some difficulties for producers of the show.

Some towns did not want Jersey Shore filming in their communities because of all the ruckus that comes with them. Despite the drama, Jersey Shore continued to film in Seaside Heights for about three more years.

Jersey Shore took a break in 2012 and began filming Jersey Shore Family Vacation in 2018. While on the break from filming, Ronnie found himself in some trouble with the law that involved his baby mama Jenn Harley.

The cast began to worry that Ronnie needed some help and even expressed their feelings while filming Jersey Shore Family Vacation. His cats members just want him to get the help he needs.

Maybe producers will bring him back? Maybe this is just a rumor? Or maybe this is the end for Ronnie's as far as MTV and Jersey Shore is concerned. Only time will tell.

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