Pop star Harry Styles was seen getting his hoagie on at a Wawa off Pulaski Highway in Delaware Tuesday.

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I would have FAINTED if I spotted him at a sandwich kiosk just placing his order. The guy is over 6 feet tall and would have only had to say 'hello' for me to instantly realize that British accent was the real thing.

It's was a Harry Styles fan-tasy come to life for Wawa store employee Natali Maldonado, who thought she was seeing things, according to 6abc.com, saying, "Wow! He looks just like Harry Styles." It was indeed, wearing pinstriped shirt and pants and white loafers, his signature hair all mussed up.

I mean, I know he's a REAL PERSON, but nobody ever thinks someone that famous is simply going to stroll into THEIR convenience store. It's like that scene in Notting Hill where Julia Roberts pops into Hugh Grant's bookstore.

So, why was Harry even in Delaware? Well, I surmise he was making his way up the coast for his appear on The Today Show today. He reportedly ordered a turkey hoagie, a breakfast burrito, and a tuna salad sandwich.

Wawa labeled the encounter, "Best. Work. Day. EVER." We couldn't agree more.


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