A man who looks just like Harry Styles was arrested today. This Pennsylvania man is accused of hitting a woman over the head with an automatic rifle and grabbing her breasts during a robbery, said the NY Post.

Jason Sanderlin, 21, seems to share similar features to the lovable pop star. WTAJ first made the realization that Sanderlin has a “striking resemblance” to 27-year-old, Harry Styles.

Though they share similar features, Sanderlin has a large “33” tattooed on the side of his forehead, which Styles does not. Sanderlin is also listed as 5’4” while Styles is around 6’.

Sanderlin is accused of kicking down the door frame of the Tyrone apartment and ordering three people to get on the floor on Jan. 21. He allegedly attacked a woman and zip tied her as she tried to resist, said WTAJ.

He allegedly took $400 in cash and a stash of marijuana. He was allegedly turned in by his longtime girlfriend, who IDed him on surveillance footage. Sanderlin was also reportedly charged with helping her carry out an earlier robbery, said WTAJ.

He allegedly showed off the marijuana on a Snapchat video after the robbery and then tried to sell it, said the report.

State police have reportedly charged Sanderlin with felony accounts of robbery, conspiracy, indecent assault, aggravated assault and criminal trespassing, said the New York Post.

According to the New York Post, state police have reportedly also charged with misdemeanor counts that include false imprisonment, indecent assault and terroristic threats.

He is being held for a $200,000 bail for that robbery and a $50,000 bail for the robbery with his girlfriend in Altoona.

Luckily our Harry Styles would never do such a thing as rob someone.


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