Imagine this, parents. You've probably been here at some point... If you're not a parent, you've definitely been in the son's shoes!

This stepdad realized his stepson had a girl over and found it hilarious that he now had to sneak her out with the whole family wide awake. To add insult to his son's injury, the stepdad took to Twitter to document the escape attempt. Two words: PURE GOLD.

@DropsNoPanties | Twitter

It only gets funnier from here....

@DropsNoPanties | Twitter

I feel so bad for the kid LOL! It gets better. The dad drops this ditty --

@DropsNoPanties | Twitter

That was the son's first mistake. Always make sure all belongings are in your room, kid!

@DropsNoPanties | Twitter

^^ The comments on this tweet are hilarious with most people saying the kid's an amateur, hah!

@DropsNoPanties | Twitter

At this point, most people want the stepdad to intervene.

@DropsNoPanties | Twitter

I mean, listen.... the dad's not wrong... lol we all make our choices in life.

The tweets go on to document the entire escapade.

Twitter via @DropsNoPanties

Moral of the story, kids, your parents know. You think you're being slick, but they always know!!

Source: Twitter

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