We know they're out there and we often get to know them by name, and in the past couple of weeks, a great white was pinged off the coast of Seaside Heights and Barnegat Light.

Ocearch, which tags and tracks sharks and their activities all over the world have reported a female great white off the coast of Seaside Heights and Barnegat Light with the most recent ping happening on July 1st, according to People.

Let's get some information on Caroline. She is considered a sub-adult great white. She weighs in at 1341.8 lbs and is 12 feet 9 inches long according to Ocearch.  Caroline has been traveling along the East Coast over the past few months.

And this month, she pinged about 70 miles off the Jersey Shore, according to northjersey.com. For many of us, we want to pass along this message to Caroline. We're rooting for you, but that's close enough.

There is so much to learn about these amazing creatures, and Ocearch is doing a lot of research. And by the way, if just the word shark sends a chill up your spine, this stat may make you feel better. The odds of being bitten by a shark are about one in 12 million, according to the experts.

Of course, we all remember the love affair so many Jersey Shore residents had with Mary Lee a few years back. She had almost 130,000 Twitter followers. Her last ping was on June 17, 207, but experts say it could just mean that the battery on her transponder died.

So, we keep our eyes on Caroline and all the great creatures of our ocean. I think I speak for many of us when I say we are looking forward to getting to know more about you from a safe distance. 70 miles seems reasonable.

So, just to recap...safe social distancing....6 feet from people....70 miles from sharks. Yes, I'm good with that.

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