Friends of John Gorman and the Gorman family of Absecon have started a GoFundme campaign to help the family in their time of need.

John Gorman was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of malignant brain cancer earlier this month, according to the posting.

John and Erin Gorman are the parents of three children and lifetime residents of Absecon.

The news in the GoFundMe is grim.

John has already had brain surgery and is beginning 30 rounds of radiation treatment at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia this week.

They will need to commute there every day, for 6 weeks. Chemotherapy will begin simultaneously. In addition to the emotional and physical hardships that this will bring, we are asking for support to help ease the financial burden of significant travel expenses and loss of/limited income for both John and Erin.

The couple has two children in high school and a 5th grader. I read this news and my heart breaks for them.

This is a family that should be enjoying the best times of their lives and now they are faced with this extremely tough situation.

The GoFundMe post talks about how involved in the Absecon community John and Erin are and how they would be the last ones to ever ask for help, but the first ones to give it.

The Gorman family appears to be very well known in the community and the hope is that together we can raise money to help them get through these trying times in their lives.

Here is a link to the GoFundMe to help John Gorman of Absecon.

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