The bankruptcy and closing announcements keep coming as businesses try to navigate a world that saw the economy come to a near-halt for almost the whole spring of 2020.

The latest big company to announce that they will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is nutrition retailer GNC.

In a Tuesday evening announcement, GNC said that they will close over 1,000 stores, including 10 in New Jersey.

GNC isn't going out of business altogether, but in the effort to restructure their balance sheets, 1,200 stores across the country will be closing for good.

To their credit, GNC has been pretty transparent about the process, with a lengthy press release posted publicly on their corporate website, and another customer-focused website that openly lists the stores that will be closing.


The full list of GNC stores can be found by clicking here.

You can click here to read more on GNC's restructuring website, including the full list of stores that will be closing here.


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