Retail health and vitamin store, GNC, will be closing about 900 stores in the near future, according to USA Today.

If you go to a location in a mall, uh oh, the big cuts are expected at many of their mall locations, after they analyzed the current trends in the number of people who go to malls to do their shopping these days.

GNC's Chief Financial Officer, Tricia Tolivar, said, "I think it could be likely that we'll reduce our mall count by a nearly half.  So we've got a little over 800 malls today and over the long-term, we could bring that closer to 400 to 500." Yikes.

My husband goes to the GNC in Quakerbridge Mall in Lawrenceville, so I gave them a quick call to see if they knew whether or not they would be closing, and the very nice employee who answered the phone said they hadn't heard that they were closing, but, thought they'd be staying open. She also said she knew of a few locations in the district that recently closed, and would be closing soon. She didn't reveal which locations she was referring to.

It's true, USA Today says that in the first 6 months of this year, company records show 192 stores have already closed.

To find a GNC location near you, click HERE.

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