My app for this week is from my favorite recipe video page on Facebook: Tasty! Why scroll, when you can have it in your phone?!

You know what I mean. These sort of Facebook videos that always come up in your newsfeed:

Whenever I see them, I always forget to save them for later and when I go to find them again - they're missing!!

That's when I finally discovered, that Tasty, actually has its own app! Tasty is great because it has recipes for all sorts of diets, whether you're carb free, vegetarian, or are just looking for healthy food ideas!

And its step-by-step instructions are easy, and interactive so you won't feel flustered while trying to recreate the recipe.

Hence, why it is my app for this week. I'm not going to pester you with more details just download the app, and you'll see its awesome.

If you missed my app for last week, check it out below!

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