YESSS! About time!

It seems like forever since a 'Game of Thrones' episode aired (August 2017, not that I'm keeping track), so any news is extremely welcomed at this point.

Season 8 won't be arriving until sometime 2019, but at least we know one character that we all loved will be back and featured a whole lot. The visual effects supervisor on the show, Joe Bauer, recently said that fan-favorite direwolf Ghost will be coming back in Season 8, after essentially ‘ghosting’ us last season.

The last time we saw this beautiful CGI furball was all the way back in Season 6, so this was a long time coming.

Jon x Ghost forever!

His return is most welcomed, just in time to help fight off the ***spoiler alert*** undead army of the Night King, and his new pet ice-dragon.

But Ghost can handle it, don't let that face fool you.

'Game of Thrones' returns to HBO for it's final season in 2019. #WinterIsHere

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