Summer vacation time is here! We all remember those fun family vacations we took growing up. Here are some ideas for an affordable family getaway you could take with your gang this summer, even if money is tight.

We found many ideas for any family's price range, whether it's $500 or $1000. Check out a few below:
Camping - If you love the outdoors or even want to experience what the outdoors have to offer, camping would be an inexpensive option for your family. Not all camping even requires pitching a tent. Campgrounds such as KOA offer many options such as cabins and even tree houses! Tree houses! It's definitely an interesting experience and has plenty of activities for kids and adults.


Water Park Resorts - Who doesn't love a water park? How about staying onsite at a water park for a few days? This will sure make for a great family experience, plus tire the kids out fast! Water park resorts such as Great Wolf Lodge includes lodging and admission to their water park in the cost. They usually have great packaged deals for families throughout the summer too!

Go Visit Family - That's right. You don't have to wait until the holidays to see family. Take an old fashioned road trip to see a far away relative. Of course you'll spend less, the closer the family member lives. Just think about all the money you'll save on room and board! You can enjoy the sites and attractions that the city/town has to offer!

Off-Season Resort - Who knew that Colorado was such a hot destination in the summer? Places that thrive off the winter weather often have 'rock-bottom' deals in the summertime! It can't hurt to check these out and go find what else these places have to offer.
Cruise - I know what you're thinking - a cruise will cost a fortune for a family. Believe it or not, the summer is the off-season for the Caribbean, so actually prices will be lower! Surprising, right? Normally cruises are all-inclusive too, meaning you can literally leave your wallet at home because your lodging, food, drinks, and activities are all covered. If the Caribbean isn't your speed, there are many other places that offer cruises, such as New York and Florida.

If your vacation involves flying, check out affordable rates from Atlantic City International Airport.

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