Frenchy's Fries in Ocean City is backing down.

The restaurant started to set up rows of red-and-yellow branded beach chairs and umbrellas on the Ninth Street beach and the public was quick to let the owners know that they were not happy.

The reasoning is that the beach is already rather small and the restaurant was taking over a majority of the beach space with furniture that has to be rented to use. A massive amount of chairs were being set up before they were even rented.

"It should be BYOC: bring your own chair," said 52-year-old and frequent Ocean City visitor, Shevora Johnson. "It's small enough without big chairs... It's not a resort."

This past Sunday, Frenchy's parent company -- Adventure Golf South LLC -- announced that they not only will take away the chairs but will not have another rental company run the beach space in front of their restaurant.

The new tenant is Swift Beach Services who already rents chairs along other beaches throughout Ocean City and promises that chairs will only be set up once as they are rented by beachgoers.

There was so much backlash that even the Mayor commented when a solid compromise had been reached.

"I want to thank the owners of both companies for agreeing to these terms at the request of the city," said Mayor Jay Gillian. "and I want everybody to know that the city will do whatever it takes to preserve public access to the beach on behalf of every resident, guest and business in town."

But now it looks like everything is well on its way to returning back to normal.

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