I just squealed like the little girl I was when I first had a pair of Freezy Freakies back in the 80's!  The gloves, plain and boring until they came into contact with frigid air, are making a comeback! It's a Throwback Thursday miracle!

A crowd-funding campaign through the website Kickstarter is breathing new life into the old-school accessory that were wildly popular back in the day, help put some of the original temperature-sensitive designs back into production, ABC News reports.  And while Freezy Freakies were once just for kids, they're now available in adult sizes, too!

Hans Reichstetter, who launched the Freezy Freakies crowd-funding campaign says he got the idea not long ago while skiing with his brother, telling ABC News, "We basically wear all '80s gear, neoned out and kind of ridiculous. We remembered way back in the day when we were in school that Freezy Freakies were the absolute coolest and when my old '80s gloves started to break down, we both started to look for a pair that actually fit our hands but couldn't find any."

Here's how Freezy Freakies work: Images are drawn onto synthetic fabric using "Thermochromic Ink," allowing the gloves to change color with the temperature. The ink, transparent at room temperature, turn colorful at cold temperatures, causing the gloves to transform in the snow.

With 15 days to go, the Freezy Freakies crowd-funding effort has already received donations five times the original goal.

But Reichstetter said the response has been so positive that there will likely be a second round of offerings to come next season.


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