Disturbing new details are emerging about an alleged domestic violence incident involving a former NFL player in an Atlantic City casino late last month.

TMZ is reporting that court records show former NFL running back Frank Gore dragged a naked woman by her hair in the hallway of the 59th floor of the Tropicana Casino's Havana Tower.

TMZ quotes the court documents saying "Gore 'forcibly' gripped the woman by her hair ... before 'violently dragging her nude person along the floor of the 59th hallway.'"

As we told you Wednesday, former NFL running back Frank Gore has been charged with assault after Atlantic City Police were called to Tropicana at 8:11 am Sunday, July 31 to follow up on a reported domestic violence incident involving Gore.

Police found a 28-year-old woman from Miami, FL. talking with hotel security. The woman did not show signs of injury and no complaints were filed at the time, according to police. However, after an investigation, Gore was charged with simple assault related to the domestic violence dispute.

Gore, 39, best known as a star running back for the  San Francisco 49ers is due to be back in Atlantic City for a hearing on the charge in October. Gore hasn't commented on the allegations.

Gore is thought of as one of the greatest NFL running backs ever, with the third most rushing yard of all time, over 16,000 in all.

He played 16 seasons with five NFL teams, including the 49ers, Colts, Bills, Dolphins, and Jets, and reached the Pro Bowl three times. After retiring from the NFL in 2020, Gore boxed professionally for a short time.

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