Lately, you've been hearing the song 'Royals' from Lorde  (pronounced 'Lord') on SoJO.  Here are a few interesting, and controversial things to know about the singer-songwriter from New Zealand.



1.)  She's only 16

2.) She was born Ella Yelich-O'Connor, 'Lorde' is just a stage name.

3.) Her debut album is Pure Heroine.  After listening to the album, one word comes to my mind, 'addictive'.


4.) She TURNED DOWN an opportunity to join Katy Perry on tour! Perhaps to pave her own way in the pop music world?

5.) Interesting enough, her influences are Nikki Minaj and Kanye West.


The song 'Royals' has a very cool edge to it, and has a way of getting stuck in your head for hours.  Lorde has certainly taken the 'Electropop' genre to a whole 'nother level!


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