Who says nothing is free? Seaside Heights is continuing its tradition this summer of free fireworks on the beach plus free movie nights. They released their summer schedule.

Before I give you the when, allow me please to give you the why.

Seaside Heights and Seaside Park is where I went most as a kid growing up in Union County. When times were tight my dad took us to Keansburg but when he had some dollars to spend it was Seaside and good old Exit 82.

Anyone remember when Sodl's restaurant was on the boardwalk and those amazing ice cream waffle sandwiches? Or the old JetStar roller coaster? The rooftop mini-golf is still there and so is the Sky Ride.

In more recent years when I had been married I would spend a week every year at a beach rental with in-laws in Seaside Park. And every year we looked forward to Wednesday nights.

That's when Seaside Heights put on its weekly fireworks show on the beach. And there's nothing like it. Watching the ocean disappear beneath a blackening night sky with your toes in the sand that had since cooled off and waiting for the show.

Elisha Terada via Unsplash
Elisha Terada via Unsplash

It's worth it even if it weren't free. As most fireworks displays go it's definitely above average. They don't scrimp, it goes on a good amount of time and the mood is always friendly and relaxed.

Oh! Another great thing about Seaside Heights? Free movie nights! You bring your own lawn chair and beach blanket to Fremont Beach and watch a free movie under the stars at dusk. Exit82.com lists a first date of July 2.

As far as the fireworks? Here are all of this summer's dates and times.

Seaside Heights Fireworks Schedule for 2023



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