My favorite waffles and ice cream shop has been engulfed in flames on the Seaside Park boardwalk.  A portion of Kohr's Ice Cream Stand near Funtown Pier has collapsed in the wake of a nasty fire.  The flames have carried to several other businesses as the 6-alarm blaze continues to rage.

Firefighters are on the scene but have been temporarily called back due to the intensity of the blaze.  Fire engines from as far away as downtown Toms River could be seen racing eastward on Route 37 toward the spot around 2:30 p.m.  Crews are having a difficult time reigning in the disaster due to high winds along the coast.  The Ocean County Sheriff’s Department has asked residents to stay away from the area.


photo courtesy of Townsquare Media


Dense smoke has carried over a huge span of the south end of the Seaside Park boardwalk.  As of approximately 4:30 p.m. at least nine other merchants have been structurally compromised by the fire.



Free Willy ride at Funtown Pier in Seaside overcome by flames from today's fire. photo courtesy of WCAU


The newly-built, post-Superstorm boardwalk is being ripped up by Seaside Heights Public Works employees to try and stop the blaze from spreading north.

We will continue to monitor and update this story as is develops.  Residents are reportedly being evacuated and asked to stay away from the scene.