The crew sold handguns and a semi-automatic rifle, among other weapons, to what turned out to be FBI operatives in and around Monmouth and Ocean counties, said Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael A. Honig.

This is something that you rarely, if ever see. An actual Florida-to-New Jersey shore gun running ring was taking place.

Because of America’s current divisive politics, the reputation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been taking big hits in the court of public opinion.

Make no mistake about it, The FBI is the greatest legal controlling authority in the history of the world.

This is exactly  the “space” that the FBI belongs in … not the no-win game of politics. This is where the FBI truly shines.

A 4th defendant has taken a plea deal yesterday, admitting that he was part of a ring that sold guns from Florida to New Jersey.

It turns out, that the FBI was on to this ring and placed “inside” buyers who were working for the FBI and they’ve now been able to nab four dangerous gun ringers.

Enrique Quijada, 24, of Freehold confessed in federal court (via a Trenton, New Jersey videoconference), where he admitted that he worked with ringleader Manuel “Chino” Espinosa-Ozoria of Bartow, Florida, his brother, Waldin “Manin” Espinosa-Ozoria of Freehold, New Jersey, along with two others.

This dangerous ring sold handguns and one semi-automatic rifle, along with other weapons to FBI operatives in and near Monmouth and Ocean counties. This was confirmed yesterday by Acting United States  Attorney Rachael A. Honig.

The FBI turned other defendants into cooperators, in achieving this optimal result.

A defendant, Jacquelyn DeJesus, of Bartow, took the position of straw buyer, purchasing the guns for Manuel Espinosa-Ozoria in Florida, said Honig.

From there, they brought the weapons to Monmouth County, where “Quijada and others sold them to individuals working at the direction and supervision of the FBI,” confirmed the U.S. attorney.

Quijada – also known as “El Enano 13” and “Kike” -- also sold drugs to the cooperators, she said.

Waldin Espinosa-Ozoria, DeJesus and Javier Rodriguez-Valpais have all taken guilty pleas to conspiring to illegally sell firearms, instead of facing a trial. Quijada joined them yesterday.

U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson has scheduled his sentencing for April 5, 2022

The only holdout that remains is ring leader Manuel “Chino” Espinosa-Ozoria. If he decides to go to trial, he will now have four potential witnesses who may testify against him.


SOURCES: Federal Bureau of Investigation & United States Attorney for New Jersey.

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