A New Jersey university has two new graduates, a 63-year old father and his 27-year old son.

Benjamin Jeanty tells CBS New York he never dreamed of going to school with his dad Duvinson Jeanty, but they've now become the first two members in the history of graduates of William Paterson University to earn bachelor's degrees.

The younger of the Jeanty's studied psychology, while his dad, an immigrant from Haiti, focused on finance. Duvison, who retired from work as a bus driver in 2015, began his higher education at William Paterson in 2010 while Benjamin was still a senior in high school, according to Fox News.

Benjamin plans to work in a school for children with special needs, while the elder Jeanty is moving on to the master's finance program while continuing to run his own real estate firm.

We wish these two generations of graduates the very best! They're an inspiration.

SOURCES: CBS New York; Fox News

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