Jim's Lunch, the Millville landmark celebrating 100 years of serving its famous cheeseburgers, has a history with as much flavor as its legendary secret sauce.

Jim's Lunch, 105 East Main Street in Millville, is beloved for its longevity and for its time-tested breakfast and lunch menu. With good reason...it is delicious!

Here are Five Things About the Amazing Jim's Lunch in Millville

1- Jim's Lunch opened in 1923 and is famous for its cheeseburgers and special, secret sauce. The restaurant has always closed in the summer because Jim liked vacationing in his native Greece at that time of year.

2- Jim Maul, who died in 2019, was not the "Jim" in the restaurant’s name — that was James Arnes, the original owner. Maul, who was the fourth owner, was instrumental in creating the experience fans think of at Jim's Lunch today.

3- Nichole Maul, Jim's daughter, runs the restaurant with her husband, Peter, and her son, Phil. Nichole's great-grandfather, Jim Arnes, was 16 when he left Greece in the early 1900s and came through Ellis Island to build a better life, according to the Jim's Lunch website.

4- Jim's Lunch has many devotees who are regulars of the restaurant, including baseball superstar and Millville native Mike Trout, of the Los Angeles Angels.

5- In addition to the ever-popular burgers, other popular items on Jim's Lunch's menu include omelets, hot beef sandwiches, the Texas Tommy wiener, crabcakes, fish & fries, and, on Saturday afternoons only, a killer prime rib.

Jim's Luch is open 6 am - 6 pm Monday - Saturday until Memorial Day. After that, you will have to wait until October to eat at Jim's Lunch.

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