This woman from Fairfield Township is asking for our help searching for her very pregnant sheep that went missing Sunday afternoon.

Well, that's not something you say every day now is it?

Kat Dayoc bought two sheep from a farm in Fairfield Township for her 3 year-old-daughter. She tells that half an hour later, BOTH SHEEP ESCAPE!

OH and reportedly, both sheep are very, very pregnant. She says, "like, due any minute."

Immediately, a search party ensued and luckily she was reunited with one of her sheep.

Now, Kat needs help finding the second one!

So if you live in Buena, or in Fairfield Township, keep an eye open for a sheep wearing a PINK collar. Then call Kat at 856-369-6334.

Hopefully she finds her sheep before she gives birth!

P.S. the sheep above is a stock photo, for pics of the sheep visit

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