One Facebook user wasn't too happy with Absecon Police Department after they made a post joking about a bag of pot seized by cops. 

As a result, the post was reported to Facebook and deleted.

The commenter felt the police were being disrespectful, and compared them to being a bully.

The initial Facebook post by Absecon PD showed a bag of marijuana with the words "Candy Kush," the caption read:

"I guess writing oregano across the bag would have been too obvious. If you were supposed to buy some Candy Kush this weekend, we have it here at the #Absecon PD. Just stop on down and ask." #Dank #YourWeedManIsinJail. #JustKidding #HeIsNotinJail #BailReform."

Absecon PD thought everyone enjoyed the joke, until they received the Facebook notification that the post was removed for 'violating community standards.'

Now, the question is was Absecon PD being insensitive OR is this person taking a joke a little too seriously?

Personally, I thought the post was pretty funny and didn't see anything offensive at all. But, after reading the user's post, it gave me a LITTLE perspective. Nonetheless, still feels like reaching.

Read the post for yourself and tell me your thoughts.

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